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This is the second part of Malpractice with Anna Rose from, Anna and I take care of our patient Xanthia Dalpra of We use some electricity and breath control on her.
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Anna Rose from and I are covered in kinky latex nurse uniforms. We take a few sexy photos before heading into the exam room where our patient is waiting for us.
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This is the second part of the Vacuum Cube. In this set Anna Rose from, secures me tightly once she pushes the button for the vacuum to suck all the air out of the latex cube. With a little help from Xanthia Dalpra of
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On a recent visit with Anna Rose from, she put me in a vacuum cube alone with the help of her friend Xanthia Dalpra of
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Anna Rose from, puts me in her ponygirl gear for the afternoon. She adds a Ledermeister glove and head cage that was made from Gord. A little bit of electric play to make things fun as well.
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This is the second part of the Padded Cell with Anna Rose from, She has her way with me in her padded room.
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Anna Rose from, has this amazing padded room! She locked me to the bed and left me covered in latex from head to toe till she was ready to play with me.
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Anna Rose from, decided to put me in my Ledermeister armbinder then lock me away in her cage.
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While in Germany this past month we meet Anna Rose and Uwe Rose from, While we were there we did some shooting and had a lot of fun. In this first set Anna and I are covered in latex from head to toe with a custom metal cage.
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