Charlotte Fetish is the result of my love for strict bondage, high heels and my crazy bondage adventures.

I started playing around with the idea of sharing my bondage experiences.  I had a difficult time learning about the things I like and thought it would be good for others to have a source to see more material related to fetish and bondage.  I had a desire to experience more and I thought about modeling fetish and bondage because I figured It would give me an opportunity to try new things. 

I truly dislike fake bondage and much of the stuff that is currently availible out there is purley smoke and mirrors often stagged with a "model" who does not really even enjoy the bondage at all so they simply try to act the part and make a paycheck.  

I got my start in 1999 When I made a visit to my first website.

In january 2000 after working with several bondage and fetish Photographers I started this website to showcase my own personal fun and enjoyment.

The site has grown to be something well beyond anything I would have imagined. I have had the opportunity to more exciting things over the years and have experienced many new things which I have been able to share right here.

Over the past year I finished completely overhauling the site to bring you a fresh new look into my world of fetish.  It is now possible to see every update I have all the way back to the beginning.

One of the unique things on this website is that we build a great deal of the gear and devices used on the site right here ourselves. We have learned to fabricate more complex gear and I have had a chance to try more things which I share on the website each week.

I wanted to take a moment to say thank you to all of my members past and present for your outstanding support as well as those of you who are considering joining in to check out my website.

                                             XoXo Charlotte Brooke



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